Refreshing anti-fatigue and invigorating leg gel

Refreshing tonic and anti-fatigue gel for legs on top

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With walking and trampling, legs tend to swell, causing a feeling of heavy legs.

To be relieved, it can not do without a care to apply whenever the need arises.

Cosmetics come in extra, to relieve refreshing first (menthol and camphor are the stars of the genre), while also incorporating assets for regulating the microcirculation (witch hazel, marshmallow), and to calm the feelings of heaviness (lavender PDO, juniper berry, grapple).

Effective and concentrated formulation for this tonic gel that provides immediate and lasting relief.

It leaves the skin silky and not sticky, a significant advantage when it comes to dress quickly.

This gel is also popular for relieving muscle tension in the neck and back.

Directions: rub a small amount of gel tonic massage from bottom to top of the legs.

Composition and plant property - essential oil of fine lavender AOP: calming and soothing - After glycerin castor oil: moisturizing and softening ** - oily extract of witch hazel and marshmallow: against heavy legs - essential oil of juniper berries: antirheumatic - natural menthol and camphor: refreshing and invigorating - vitamin E after soybeans: antioxidants.

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