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HAMMAM CAMYLLE MIST has now gained unparalleled reputation among professionals and signs the olfactory identity of Thalassotherapy centers, spas and spas most prestigious hotels.

This is a highly concentrated milky base and perfectly soluble in water, after an emulsion essential oils 100% pure and natural.

FOG HAMMAM is absolutely stable over time.

No deposit forms, essential oils do not rise to the surface.

The viscosity of the plant essences is considerably reduced by the emulsion, the steam bath diffusion system is not blocked.

Indeed, very often inappropriate products are the cause of failures in the steam distribution system.

FOG Hammam, it is the certainty of a product perfectly suited.

The essential oils contained in the emulsion will express all their qualities and will bring all the benefits of plants for an unforgettable steam bath.

For an unforgettable steam bath ...

The steam bath guard its mysteries through time.

What are the reasons that attract women and men in these places in the special atmosphere? Steaming hot, dense, penetrating seems to cross beings.

It transforms the vision of the world around you.

It changes the feeling one has of his own body.

The steam bath has this amazing power to give the impression to reach the perfect purity.

The steam expels toxins and flush impurities from the body and mind.

Indeed, the hammam has the virtue of acting also on the mind.

It gives the impression that the ideas and negative thoughts, once evacuated, no longer pass through the mist that envelops you and protect you.

If the essential oils contained in CAMYLLE HAMMAM of FOG enrich steam when the steam generator finely distils the bewitching perfume of plant essences, feel-good and cleanliness is second to none.

After her steam bath, the feeling of fatigue is nice, the steam has cleaned your skin deep, your whole body is purified, even your soul will seem pure.

Timeless Orange Pin Soothing Tonic Orange Blossom Destressing EucalyptusRespiratoire élinya Slimming The Exclusive Luxury Lavender Relaxing Energizing East Positivant Cajeput / Citron Stimulating Rosemary Invigorating Fragrance Exhilarating Euca The Asia / Mint Refreshing Regenerating Méditerranée Balancing Polynesia

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