Professional exhauster for sanding dust

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ST1-C main features:
- professional exhauster for sanding dust

- innovative filtering system, unique in its reference range

- manual and automatic cleaning of filters at regular intervals of 15 minutes

- dust filtering capacity: 99%

- removable dust container without bag

- manual and automatic suction start

- manual adjustment of suction: adaptable to the tool/abrasive or

amount of dust to remove

- spare built-in tank that guarantees a continuous supply of air for filter cleaning, even when no line is connected

- ultra-high efficiency, energy efficiency, maximum life cycle

- powerful and noiseless electrical motor, 1300 w

- compact and robust

- anti-tilting rubber casters to improve handling, even on grating

- ultra-low maintenance and management costs

- compliance with the strictest industry standards

V Supply voltage: 230 V 50/60Hz
Control voltage: 12 Volt
Suction volume: 150 m7h
Suction vacuum: 210 mbar
Supply air pressure: Max 8 bar
Suction turbine with automatic start: 1300 Watt
Noise: 72 dBa
Dimensions: 450x450x800 mm
Weight: 32 Kg.

Status Icone Euromerx

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