Hydraulic skids customized

Hydraulic skids customized

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The hydraulic skids are often an essential complement to a cooling solutions.

They allow to decouple the cooling function - to select among our water coolers ranges or oil - and the circulation of the fluid according to your applications.

This decoupling guarantees an optimal operating flexibility and allows defining a custom solution tailored to your needs:

Skid streamlined for outdoor installation Sizing the fluid reserve of 30 liters to 3000 liters pressurized loop operation or air pressure circuit suitable selection of the pump to your hydraulic requirements (pressure drop and flow) instrumentations on the circuit (probe temperature, pressure, flow meter, ...) Configuration of hydraulic interfaces as needed (number of inputs / outputs, control valves, isolation or safety) Definition of control interfaces / control via an autonomous control by contacts or remotely (eg ModBus) EURODIFROID The team relies on its experience in industrial processes to design a perfect solution in line with your needs.

These hydraulic skids are then the perfect answer to your needs pooling cold problematic cooling redundancy, reserve oversized water ...

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