Iron and Steel Casting

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Usual Seaport
Ukraine ports
Place of origin
Production capacity
32000 / month
Price range
1.00 €
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More information on Iron and Steel Casting

Our enterprise "Nikopol Crane and Machinery Factory" ( ) is the machinery building factory and we are also specialized in iron, steel, mining and railway casting.

Our plant can produce different steel grade of castings, used by automotive, engineering,

agricultural, industrial and mining sectors.

Steel workshop has a production capacity of 26 500 tons per year.

Iron foundry workshop has a production capacity of 32 800 tons per year.

Our production of casting weighting to 800 kg, occasionally more.

We can offer you the following products or make the products according to your drawings:

- Rollers

- Links of casting machines

- Valves

- Molds

- Manhole covers

- Screws

- Furnance bars

- Multicyclones

- Bucket teeth

- Excavator teeth

We are looking for partners for joint cooperation and common projects in Europe .

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