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For many ESAB customers, Marathon PacTM is an essential product that allows them to maximize the yield and quality of their production.

In fact, it reduces downtime due to spool changes and maintenance by almost 95%.

Marathon concept PacTM Two sizes PacTM Marathon shells are available, one of 250 kg of welding wire, the other of 475 kg.

A version "Endless" is used to connect the drums Marathon PacTM so as to obtain a continuous wire unwinding and endless.

Just before the service was not coming to an end, the barrel following takes over and the wire feed continues uninterrupted.

Perfect wire feed to the welding head The special technique used when packaging cask prevents your wireless AristoRodTM OK to twist, to enter into or cause drifting of the arc.

Welds are always well positioned and perfectly straight.

The unwinding process Marathon barrels PacTM is automatic; no additional unwinding device is required and no effort is required, unlike the usual coils which must be rotated.

Recycling facility, Marathon PacTM comes octagonal cardboard drums that can be flattened after use.

Cardboard is high quality and can be sold at good prices on the recycling market.

Perfect feeding wire to the welding torch.

The unwinding process is automatic and no effort is required, unlike conventional coils that need to be rotated.

The high-speed robotic welding of automotive components in thin sheet is a important application area for OK AristoRodTM son.

The endless roller system Marathon PacTM feeds the robot welding head OK AristoRodTM and allows production of large volumes.

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