Welding head for tubes on plate P20

Welding Heads Tube-to-tube sheet

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This TIG welding head for tubes to tube sheet allows no problem to weld tubes on tubulairess plates with extreme precision and consistent quality.

Features: Easy to operate with maximum functionality cooling water into the welding torch TIG Torch stepless adjustable up to 30 ° (reduced diameter range) Positioning is in the tube to be welded by means of a centering mandrel inserted on a fixing pin Equipped with a cold wire feeder mounted directly on the welding head including a support for a standard yarn package 100 mm (3.937 inches) fixation three points beam length 7.5 m (24.6 feet).

Specifications P20 Reel 1 kg wire coil, diameter 100 mm

Status Icone Euromerx

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