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Versatile welding hot air desoldering tool and the hot generator of Air HCT-900 manual is a versatile inexpensive repair system to meet the challenges of applications repair and diverse industrial welding.

Compact and robust, it has air flow and temperature settings.

A temperature control circuit to achieve and maintain the desired temperature whatever the variations in the air flow.

The HCT-900 can be used to remove and replace the electronic components (including lead-free components) ranging from 304-pin QFP 0201aux to.

It is equally effective for the pin Package Rework through-like brackets and connectors.

And when used with a braid and flux, it allows to rapidly and effectively bridges and weld spatter.

It can also be used on plastics, such as heat shrink tubing or form plastic rivets.

Its exclusive silent air pump (less than 45 dB) ensures precise regulation of airflow meeting the demanding applications.

And the cooling function "off" maintains the air flow through the tool when the power is turned off, enabling efficient cooling of the heating element and reducing the thermal stresses.

The HCT-900 is fully compliant to the standard of protection against ESD.


Description HCT-900-21 of Air Generator Hot manual 230V HCT-HE-21 Replacement Heater Element Selection of nozzles The HCT-900 is supplied with a standard mono jet nozzle H-D50 (5.0 mm).

Two kits repair nozzles, designed for specific applications are also available, and a full selection of nozzles.

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