HF Generators for Press

HF Generators for Press

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FEATURES Our High Frequency generators have any specific function of modern HF equipment: Double aluminum shell.

4 feet H100 Disconnect / Off.

Network filters.

Anode transformer 1, 2 or 4 sections.

Interrupt security doors, ventilated, temperature .....

Stop Urgent.

"On - HF - off" switch with blue LED.

"Default" switch with red LED.

PLC for all internal functions remote controls: Stop Urgent HF commnde Faults Frequency: 27 MHz.

Stabilized frequency.

Galvanometer Anode intensity.

Anode current circuit breaker.

Antiflash with grid lock.

Power control by CV: Mechanical Rotary switch dial 320 °.

OPTIONS: Mounted on wheels (two directional) weld timer, cooling & Timer Antiflash Ultrafast servomotor Safety resume with position display.

Servo Actuator precision CV CV dimmable.

All other features are on request: Hits: Grid current; Frequency; TOS; LOGO or PLC CPU224 touch screen TP177 Automation Press and the Machine; Programs for the storage of production parameters, for productivity or for maintenance.

Status Icone Euromerx

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