MinarcMig Evo 170/200 adaptive tool for the mobile welder

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Welding has never been easier The MinarcMig Evo have significant capacity welding and high quality MIG / MAG compact in a portable format.

Available in 2 models 200 A or 170 A, they give all their power with a 35% duty cycle from a single phase supply 16 A.

MinarcMig Evo provide work of the highest quality, wherever your mission take you.

MinarcMig Evo 200 in Automatic or Manual mode provides precision welding arc and ignition and are controlled by the exclusive system of adaptive control of the arc of Kemppi.

The manual mode of MinarcMig Evo 170 is complemented by separate settings of the voltage and wire feed speed.

Each model features a large graphical display that guides the user during preparation.

With the MinarcMig Evo 200, just select the sheet thickness and filler metal among a wide selection (iron, stainless steel, aluminum or brazing CuSi) to suit most industrial applications.

The energy source of PFC technology ensures optimum fuel efficiency with a 0.99 power factor.

MinarcMig Evo can also be used with power cables of more than 100 meters long, allowing optimal welding conditions on construction sites.

The reasons to buy ...

Excellent and precise welding quality and arc ignition of 200 or 170 A welding power MIG / MAG power with 16 A Two models available automatic or manual use with metal d contribution Fe, Fe FCW, Ss, Al, CuSi and coils of 1 kg and 5 kg With the model 200 A, just select the sheet thickness before welding The large graphic display guides the user Designed for use with more than 100 m power cable Delivered with a torch of 3m, a set of cables and a carrying strap Runs on AC or generator Kemppi 2 warranty for parts and labor to

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