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Drilling capacity in cast iron EN-GJL-200 18 mm Maximum drilling capacity in steel St 60 18 mm tapping capacity in steel St 60 M12 in the cast iron EN-GJL-200 M 14 Pin short CM 2 Race pin 80 mm Throat depth 190 mm Column diameter 65 mm Table working surface (W x D) 300 x 240 mm T-slots, number x width x distance 2 x 12 x 80 mm Distance table / spindle min.

/ max.

75/357 mm Net weight Manual Feed, approx.

110 kg Standard equipment: Lockable main switch with circuit breaker for spindle motor rotation direction reverser for single thread in manual drive rotational speeds of protection IP 54 Button knuckle-fist to stop emergency Paint: Grey Granite / anthra / aluminum RAL 7035/7016/9006 Protector pin power outage

Status Icone Euromerx

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