Euromerx.com mission is to improve the EU trade balance by permitting european companies to export more while decreasing their extra-EU imports.

To achieve this mission, Euromerx.com has created a B2B marketplace where suppliers of each european country can communicate and expose their products and know-how to the world and then acquire new customers. This is made possible thanks to the improving in terms of communication and business management given by the new powerful information technologies on which Euromerx.com are based on.

Euromerx.com B2B marketplace was created based on the fact that many of extra-EU imports are not based on a kind of economic reality but on a difficulty to find, locate and interact with EU suppliers. Moreover, in many cases, sourcing in Europe could be perfectly economically legitimated by :

These advantages generally involve a decrease of storage thus increasing cash, a decrease of logistics costs and out-of-stock periods and therefore an improve of customer satisfaction.